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Founded in 1987, OLF’s litigation group is highly regarded in Lebanon and has an unparalleled record in court wins. The litigation practice comprises highly regarded practitioners and of-counsel, many of whom have over 20 years of legal experience. 
Our lawyers have significant experience in all the civil, commercial and administrative courts in Lebanon. The firm has been and continues to be involved in many of the most significant litigation disputes in the market. 
We represent individuals and business entities throughout the MENA region in:
  • Administrative disputes, contractual disputes 

  • Licensing, franchising and shareholding disputes

  • Disputed wills and estates

  • Disputes arising from corporate or personal insolvency 

  • Residential, commercial landlord and tenant disputes

  • Debt recovery 

  • Employment disputes

  • Professional negligence claims

  • Property disputes

  • Medical malpractice




Eurobonds March 2020: Payment or Default?
March 06 , 2020

The ten-year US $1.2 billion Eurobonds with a coupon rate of 6.375% are due to mature on 9 March 2020, amidst an unprecedented economic and financial downturn in Lebanon, and a forthcoming debt crisis.

The prospect of Lebanon defaulting on its payment obligations raises significant legal implications to both local and international investors.