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Intellectual Property
Intellectual property is one of the most dynamic fields of OLF's legal practice. OLF gives general advice on the registration, protection, use and enforcement of copyrights, patents, trademarks and industrial designs. Our lawyers specialize in IP rights matters that often have a complex cross-border dimension to them. 
We have extensive knowledge of global intellectual property law and provide specific legal services in this area and related aspects of commercial law. The firm also provides consultancy services in the field of information technology (software, high technology, etc.).
OLF advises companies on the negotiation, strategy, preparation, administration and analysis of assignment contracts as well as intellectual property right licenses, franchises, know-how and technology transfers and confidential information.



Eurobonds March 2020: Payment or Default?
March 06 , 2020

The ten-year US $1.2 billion Eurobonds with a coupon rate of 6.375% are due to mature on 9 March 2020, amidst an unprecedented economic and financial downturn in Lebanon, and a forthcoming debt crisis.

The prospect of Lebanon defaulting on its payment obligations raises significant legal implications to both local and international investors.