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Public International Law
International sanctions, border disputes and government interventions are part and parcel of the current legal climate in the MENA. The ongoing and long term implications of the recent upheavals in the region mean that these issues are set to continue to impact heavily on transactional operations in the MENA. 
OLF’s wealth of experience in Middle Eastern Legislations combined with the strength of its dispute resolution practice means that the firm is able to work closely alongside contacts on the ground to help clients tackle these challenges head on. We are able to provide expert advice to parties on contentious issues, and are also able to assist public and private sector entities in navigating today and tomorrow’s legal climate with respect to:
  • Maritime Boundary Issues

  • International Sanctions

We are also ideally placed to advise corporations and international investors on important regional legislation such as the Arab Boycott Law and its implications for investments in the region.
Eurobonds March 2020: Payment or Default?
March 06 , 2020

The ten-year US $1.2 billion Eurobonds with a coupon rate of 6.375% are due to mature on 9 March 2020, amidst an unprecedented economic and financial downturn in Lebanon, and a forthcoming debt crisis.

The prospect of Lebanon defaulting on its payment obligations raises significant legal implications to both local and international investors.